About the BAS Division

Business and Administrative Services (BAS) units provide and maintain administrative, student development and physical infrastructure that supports the research, teaching, and public service mission of the campus. From providing police, emergency services, and environmental health and safety services, to overseeing the campus student and employee housing programs, college student life and residential services, dining facilities and early education services, financial and staff human resources and payroll, BAS units are engaged in reducing risk, maintaining extraordinary physical environment of the campus, and providing accessible array of programs, services, and facilities to students. BAS units foster a diverse, safe, sustainable, innovative and customer-centered environment through exceptional service. 

Divisional Structure

The Business and Administrative Services division consists of 8 major units that provide services in the three functional areas below. The latest version of the BAS organization chart is avilable as a downloadable PDF document. 

Public Safety and Risk Services

Internal Control & Business Services

Physical Environment, Student Development, & Auxiliary Services