Some simplification highlights from year one, include:

  • Launched a major internal simplification initiative and made changes to processes including: the open provisions report, the salary savings re-capture program, maximum allowable rates per person, the EEC/EOA approval process, the EEC approval limits, the travel reimbursement process, the pre-approval process for entertainment events, the hiring salary approval limits, and the process for stipends, equities and reclassifications. 
  • Revised the process used to secure temporary staff, replacing a burdensome one-off business process for ordering and settling temporary staffing requirements with the same standard CruzBuy process for ordering all other service categories.
  • Changed the ERF process used within Residence Life to align it with standard approval levels and eliminate several steps.
  • Revised the cumbersome multi-step Animal Care and Use Occupational Health Program medical clearance process in order to reduce the number of administrative steps required to clear personnel for work with animals.
  • Developed an online bid room for contractors to utilize, which cut out several manual steps and eliminated all paper from the process.
  • Made several changes to the processes used in the Student Business Services unit, including those used for departmental deposits, the sub-cashier log, cash counting, end of day balancing, and the journaling process.
  • Completed the first phase of conversation for the Building Management System (BMS), shifting from the old legacy system to the new Tridium web-based system in order to make our technicians in the field more efficient in serving clients.
  • Implemented a new package delivery program for residential students.