Do you struggle with how to use limited resources to find ways to reward and retain employees? Have you ever wondered where the money comes from to pay salaries? Would you like to know more about how compensation ties in with recruitment? Compensation is a dynamic and exciting area of HR and new tools will soon be available. By attending this session you’ll learn from other campus managers how they are successfully navigating the system to manage compensation within their units so you can do the same.


The session will be led by Steve Stein, AVC SHR, along with the following subject matter experts: Madlyn Norman Terrance, Compensation Manager, Dennis Larsen, Executive Director Compensation Programs & Strategy UCOP, Peggy Delaney, VC Planning and Budget, and panel members as follows: David Sonnenberg, Assistant Dean Social Sciences, Nicolle Laird, Assistant Dean PBSci and Lisetha Aranda, Sr. Administrative Analyst CHES.