Effective recruitment of employees is critical in ensuring departments across campus can fulfill their mission. At the same time, does it sometimes feel as though the recruitment process is a frustrating labyrinth of policies and procedures? Job descriptions…advertising…timelines…do you ever wish someone could share their tools, tips and resources to help the process go a smoothly as possible? At this session, you’ll become familiar with the milestones of the recruitment process and learn tips that can help you get your department’s job vacancies filled as quickly as possible.


The session will be led by Colette Grey, Talent Acquisition Manager and Amy Kile, SHR - Assistant Manager Talent Acquisition, along with a selection of the following subject matter experts: Susan Willats, Assistant Director TAPS, David Abercia, Undergraduate Education - Assistant Vice Provost and Chief of Staff, Sabrina Shaver, SHR - Employee & Labor Relations Principal Analyst, Shelby Young, SHR - Employee & Labor Relations Principal Analyst, Bill Parro, SHR - Training and Development Manager, Mackenzie Martin, Affirmative Action Specialist - Special Projects Analyst Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Linda Scholz, Campus Diversity Officer for Staff and Students.