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Organizational Chart

Public Safety & Risk Services comprises four units: Environmental Health and Safety, Fire Department, Risk Services and University Police.

  • Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) provides health, safety and environmental protection programs in an effort to reduce or eliminate workplace injuries, workplace illnesses, work-related injury and illness, property loss, and unintended environmental damage and degradation.
  • The Fire Department operations were transfered to the City of Santa Cruz on July 1, 2014. 
  • Office of Emergency Services (OES) incorporates the functions of the Fire Marshal, Emergency Services, and Business Continuity.
  • Risk Services supports the campus by helping departments identify their risk exposures, recommending strategies to reduce or eliminate identified risks, and administering the campus's insurance programs, to facilitate maximum recovery from accidental losses.
  • The University Police department provides basic safety patrol and security related services to the University community.

Internal Control & Business Services comprises four units: Financial Affairs, Internal Audit, Operations & Resource Management, and Staff Human Resources.

  • Financial Affairs consists of central financial services that support all aspects of the campus' administrative endeavors. These units include the FAST/AP Office (Accounts Payable and Direct Pay reimbursements); Accounting Services, which consists of Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR), Contract and Grant Accounting (EMF), and Payroll; Student Business Services (SBS); the Campus Controller's Office; and Enterprise Financial Systems, which consists of Financial Information System (FIS), and  Enterprise Time and Attendance (ETA); and equipment administration, and Procurement & Business Contracts (P&BC).
  • Internal Audit assists managers in their control function to assure the protection and effective utilization of university assets. Activities include: accurate identification of risk in achievement of business objectives; cost-effective design and administration of controls to mitigate risk; establishment of reliable accounting and information systems; and the establishment of systems to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Staff Human Resources units help campus units recruit, hire, and retain the best qualified and most diverse workforce possible for the Santa Cruz campus.

Physical Environment, Student Development & Auxiliary Services comprises five units: Colleges, Housing and Educational Services (CHES), Physical Planning and Construction, Physical Plant, the  Real Estate Office (REO) and Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS).

  • Colleges, Housing and Educational Services (CHES) provides services in the areas of college student life and residential services, housing services and facilities, employee housing and capital planning, business and financial analysis, dining services, conference services, early education services, and the Baytree Bookstore and ID card services.  Through these units educational and developmental programs and services are offered to all members of the campus community including students, faculty, staff, children and external constituents.  CHES provides on-campus housing and dining services to nearly 8000 undergraduate and graduate students in ten residential colleges and six multi-college affiliated residential communities which support single students and students with families.  Employee housing is provided through 51 rental units at the Laureate Court apartments and 188 for-sale homes in four different locations.  The unit also provides off-campus student housing support and summer conference operations.  CHES manages the auxiliary service units of the Baytree Bookstore and ID card Services and offers Early Education Services (childcare) for student parents.
  • Office of Physical Education, Recreation and Sports (OPERS) mission is to provide a wide variety of professional programs and physical activities that promote and enhance community, learning, leadership, lifelong wellness, and academic success
  • Office of Sustainability - fosters a culture of sustainability at UCSC by actively engaging students, staff, faculty and community members through education, leadership development, institutional change and behavioral transformation. As a campus resource, the Sustainability Office provides information, tools, policy advice and facilitation for key sustainability plans and policies.
  • Physical Planning and Construction (PP&C) - is responsible for planning, design, construction and project administration services based on campus academic plans and Long Range Development Plans (LRDPs).
  • Physical Plant - consisting of Building and Utility Services, Grounds and Custodial Services processes approximately 21,000 work orders a year, amounting to some $13 million worth of projects large and small. In addition,Printing Services, Receiving Services, and Mail Services are provided to the campus community.
  • The Real Estate Office (REO) oversees the management of real property and other UCSC assets in coordination with all campus units that engage in real property transactions. REO activities include development and property management for the Monterey Bay Education and Technology Center (MBEST), the Marine Science Campus (MSC), and the Silicon Valley Initiatives (SVI).
  • The mission of Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) is to support the academic, research, and public service efforts of the UCSC campus by providing transportation, circulation and parking services and associated infrastructure in a convenient, reliable, safe, efficient, cost-effective, customer-responsive and environmentally-responsible manner.